Improve Your Online Marketing with These 5 Search and Social Media Techniques

July 29, 2013

Improve Your Online Marketing with These 5 Search and Social Media Techniques

Online social media and search engine optimization (SEO) are the two main ways that brands are found online. The goal of both of these marketing strategies is to increase the number of people looking at a brand and its offerings. When properly used, they can ensure that visitors to a company’s website find the information that they need and keep coming back for more. The techniques that should be employed to provide those results include:

1. Publishing Quality Content

This step will help your brand with both social media and search engine performance. Recent Google updates have signaled the search engine company’s intent to weed out low-quality content. The fact is that for content to be successful in the modern era, it must have value. In the effort to put forth meaningful content, it is important that you look at the authoritative websites in your niche and publish content that is equally valuable. This type of content will not only rank well in search engine results, but is also often shared via social media sites.

2. Make Friends via Social Media

The point of using social media is to communicate directly with people. If you can engage with your customers on a personal level, this can inspire them to share your content and help to make your brand popular. It will be necessary for you to spend time talking with social media users and listening to them in order to get a feel for the market. Communicating with the influencers and authorities in your niche is an especially important part of social media marketing.

3. PPC

With pay per click advertising, you pay each time someone clicks on one of your ads. You will bid on certain keywords that are relevant to your niche. Your ads will be displayed when a search is conducted using those keywords. You will have to bid on the right keywords in order to get any benefit. PPC advertising can be tricky to maintain yourself and we recommend PPC with or some other high quality online marketing firm for your PPC needs.

4. Build Links

This has been a staple for marketers since the early days of the Internet. It is important that your website get incoming links from quality, respected websites in its niche. Note: publishing quality content is one of the best ways to get backlinks from high-authority websites.

5. Provide a Mobile Option

In an age when growing numbers of people are switching to smartphones and tablets as their primary means of Internet usage, it is important that your content show up properly on smaller screens. Having a website that provides a solid user-experience on multiple screen sizes and operating systems is a key element of smart online marketing.

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