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It is important to keep learning the latest tools and techniques available to you, the small business owner.There are so many ways to grow your business, so The Working House has researched the best and most affordable ways to teach you the tools and techniques used by other successful businesses. And…the best part is all of this training can be done at our favorite place to work….HOME.


Learn how to use Facebook to grow your business in FB Influence. Learn from Amy Porter as she goes through her famous online video course that teaches you how to maximize your influence on Facebook.

Course: FB Influence

Are you confused about LinkedIn? Learn how to use the power of LinkedIn to maximize your exposure to attract high quality clients, drive qualified traffic to your website or land your next great gig. In Lewis Howe’s signature online course, LinkedInfluence, you will learn how use LinkedIn in ways you never thought of.

Course: LinkedInfluence

Learn how to use YouTube to Increase Traffic, Leads & Sales in this online training by James Wedmore. Lewis Howes introduces you to James Wedmore who tells you about his online training program, Video Traffic Academy. This is the best way to learn all about YouTube for business…fast.

Course: Video Traffic Academy

Are you ready to start blogging to grow your business? Blogging establishes YOU as an expert in your field. People want to do business with experts. They trust experts. Blogging is a great way to give your customers and future customers an inside peek into your world. Blog about your business, your passion & help make a difference. The best training to learn how to do this is from Corbett Barr. His online course, Start A Blog That Matters, teaches you how to reach big audiences.

Course: Start A Blog That Matters

Do you fear public speaking like so many other small business owners? Public speaking is one of those things that is a necessary evil to grow and promote your business. There are so many benefits to speaking to groups about your business. Besides giving back to your community, public speaking can be a great sales tool to get new customers. Step Up and Speak: Public Speaking Secrets teaches you how to do this.

Course: Step Up and Speak

Email marketing can be a powerful marketing strategy to use if you know how to do it well. Email marketing is an inexpensive way to stay in front of your customers (and potential customers). Building an email list and establishing a relationship with the people on your email list is they key to success. Jim Cockrum is an email marketing expert that will teach you how to do this in his List Building Class.

Course: List Building Class

Do you have a digital product that you need to launch for your business? Are you ready to share your knowledge with the world? Nathalie Lussier teaches an affordable course on how you how do this. Her training program, Launch It Yourself, makes it easy for you. 

Course: Launch It Yourself

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