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Things You Need to Do to Make Working from Home Successful When You Have a Baby

September 30, 2013

Many parents would like to work at home so that they can continue to support their family while also spending more time with their children. However, many people find that the reality of working from home when children are present is more difficult than they thought it would be. Juggling both work and caring for a child can be more than many people can handle.
There are many things you can do to make this balancing act work if you feel like you would like to work from home while caring for your baby (or other small children). Here are a few things you can do to make working from home successful while caring for children:

Create a Realistic Schedule

When you have a baby, you aren’t going to be able to get as much done as you would if you were working alone. You won’t be able to schedule yourself to work from 8 to 5 every day and then expect it to actually happen. You need to be more realistic with your schedule. Know that you won’t be able to work for long stretches of time uninterrupted. Plan for that.

Work around times that you know your baby will be occupied, such as during regular naps or during visits with family and friends. Try to schedule time that is dedicated to work, but be realistic when setting those times so that you’ll actually be able to work during those times.

Remain Flexible

Even the best schedules will be derailed when you have a baby. As much as you’d like them to eat and sleep on a schedule, they just don’t. Even if you’ve gotten your baby used to a schedule, teething, developmental spurts, and illness can derail that schedule – and your working plans. Develop a contingency plan for your work should your baby become sick or should have a day where he needs more of your attention and care. If possible, build time into your week for “make up” if such instances arise. Read more →

The 5 Unbreakable Rules of Public Relation

January 28, 2013

Public relations is one of the most important aspects of corporate brand management that a company will ever engage in. When things are going great, you can use good public relations to build up a positive reputation for your company. If something goes wrong, then you call on that reputation to help prevent customers from abandoning you in droves.
When it comes to good public relations, there are five rules that a company must never break. If you try to carry on a public relations campaign without sticking to these basic rules, then your plan will be in trouble.

Put Yourself in the Public’s Shoes

One of the biggest challenges in public relations is trying to create good PR based on the public’s perception. Your company knows the information that it wants the public to see, but the public may not buy your side of the story. When you are developing a PR campaign, always see things from the public’s perspective.

Be Consistent with Information Release

When you are releasing a press release to your distribution service, you also need to make sure that the press release is on your website as well as your social networking presence. Remaining consistent with how, where and when you release information will reduce the possibility of misinterpretation.

Make It Searchable

When people want information these days, they head to the Internet. If you want people to see your press release and get your information, then you need to optimize every press release for pertinent keyword searches. It is the new wave of public relations and it is essential in getting your point across. Read more →

One Stop Shopping for Your Social Media Marketing Needs

October 29, 2012

Tweet, Like, Post, Blog, Follow, Tag, Pin…oh my!

Over a year ago, I thought I was pretty “with it” because I used Facebook. I was frightened of Twitter and pretty much just had a LinkedIn profile because it was the thing to do. That’s where my knowledge about social media ended.

I had a vision to create a community of small business owners who worked from home that could connect, share experiences, and resources with each other. I needed to know HOW to do this…which is how I found Laura Roeder of LKR Social Media.

I want to tell you about LKR Social Media not because I get anything out of it financially, but because I truly believe it is the best way to learn how to grow your business’s social media presence to connect with people. Read more →

Social Aspects of Running Your Business from Home

October 29, 2012

The internet has made it much easier for individuals to start their own businesses from home, but there are aspects to promoting that business that many people overlook. With a little digging into Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn you can get free advertising easily and start increasing traffic to your site, which in turn, increases the amount of income you should expect.


Pinterest is the best place in the world for a little viral marketing. If you haven’t checked out the site yet, you should visit it regardless of if you want to use it for promotion. The basic idea is that you submit images onto a worldwide pin board and users from anywhere in the world can share it and comment on it. So how should you use the pins to get a little extra push on your site? Well, it largely depends on what type of site you run. For a site focused on arts, crafts or photography, simply putting images of your products up with a link to your site is an easy way to go. For other types of businesses, create interesting images of your products that people will want to share. One of the best ways to get an image to start making the rounds is to add a level of humor to the image. Read more →

Social Marketing Tips for Beginners

August 6, 2012

Social media can be an intimidating foreign world to newcomers. There are so many sites to consider. You haven’t yet established your comfort zone online, nonetheless grown a raving social fan base. What you are feeling is normal. Almost every business owners with an online presence has felt this way. If you are getting started with social networking, here are a few tips to make things less stressful.

Join the Big Social Networks and the Smaller Ones. What?! I don’t have time for that! I don’t have time for that either. But, brand consistency is what we are after. Even though you may have no intention of getting involved on a specific social media platform at this time, reserve the name or handle that you currently use before someone else can snag it. The popularity of networks comes and goes. Make sure your identity stays the same. Read more →

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